Teaching Schedule

Tuesday's @ River Yoga

10:30 - 11:30 a.m.                 

Yoga Flow + M'Bodied Movement 




    Class Descriptions

Yoga + MBodied Movement  is a form of expressive movement in which you step out of your “thinking mind” and are lead instead by your heart to freely move as the music takes you, leading to a feeling of transcendence and ecstasy in the mind and body. Dance as meditation is an ancient practice.  Led by Maria Puma Perme, MBodied Movement empowers people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to express themselves freely.  Class may begin with a warm up and yoga and then the space is open as the whole class seamlessly transitions into open dance and free-form physical expression set to music.  We end the practice with deep relaxation through savasana and focused breathing. Ambient music will continue to guide you inward as you rest and integrate, leaving you embodied and energized at the conclusion of our practice.

Core + Release  This class incorporates movement and fascia release work using tennis balls, massage/lacrosse balls or foam rollers. The result encourages release, presence in mind and body and a more fulfilling practice.  We finish the class with sequences designed to get your body feeling settled, refreshed + energized.  

Prenatal Yoga   Through prenatal yoga expectant mammas can develop strength, stamina, softness and stability while becoming aware of how the practice can be modified for their changing bodies. In my classes our time is devoted to cultivating awareness of the breath, body, heart and mind.  With this connection we turn inwards to cultivate internal resources we can draw on during labor and birth. Through challenging postures we explore the difference between discomfort and pain, and discover ways to relax through it all.  Our supported, opening, restorative postures allow us feel what its like to let go completely, envisioning releasing deeply through all stages of birth.


We embrace and honor the beauty of pregnancy and prepare for an empowered, mindful, and often natural birth. Relaxation and mindfulness meditation are woven into every class.

The classes are challenging yet rejuvenating, and women are encouraged to listen to their bodies and work at a level that’s appropriate for how they’re feeling that day. Throughout class I address the strategic use of yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques and body awareness during the birthing process.  Women with injuries, complications or “high risk” situations are welcome in class (with their healthcare provider’s approval) and are given appropriate modifications and/or specific poses or sequences to accommodate their special concerns.


Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

  • Addressing a particular injury or area of discomfort
  • Support in turning a breech baby

  • Relaxation and gentle movement for bed rest or high risk pregnancy

  • Learning how yoga can be applied during birth

  • Experiencing deep relaxation and exploring breathing and meditation practices

  • Preparing your pelvic floor for birth

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