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The Journey + Healing

I have known movement and rhythm all my life.  From early child play dates to adult movement, yoga and dance classes of all kinds, I LOVE to move. 


Movement to me is a direct connection to the Divine Spirit/God.  Movement is direct conduit to inner JOY.  Movement is expression.  What I've discovered within myself and witnessed in others is...Movement opens us to new opportunities and experiences, brings elation, sparks creativity, encourages connection, keeps us in tune with nature and one another, calms the nervous system, brings the body and mind into balance.  Movement is HEALING. 


My classes, workshops, and teacher trainings support the individual to explore what it means and feels like to be 'in the body', to be M'Bodied.  To ground.  To unwind.  To tap in to the deepest of soul feeling and expression, process the feeling(s) and move them out.  


We’ll explore, through various forms of somatic movement, yoga, fitness and dance what it is to connect to your intuitive, innate Spirit and Self through movement.  To be M'Bodied.


You’ll reconnect to the Inner Goddess/Warrior, Diva, Fluid, Creative, Dynamic and Joyful expression of yourself.  Come unwind from the boring grind and relearn, reconnect and recharge your soul.   BE M'Bodied.  

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