the journey & healing

Maria embarked on her yoga path at a time when she was searching for other avenues and opportunities to open up her mind and body to a new way of being.


Initially practicing for the physical benefits, she quickly discovered that yoga provided the spiritual and emotional support she was looking for. Quickly adopting a daily practice, she went on to complete her 200 hour teacher training with Ana Forrest, creatress of Forrest Yoga. She continued her studies, receiving her 500 HR certificate from Asheville Yoga Center, North Carolina.

Maria envisioned a space she would call her own. Her vision was to create a warm, safe and intimate place where students could truly just BE and relax.  A place where the body flowed with the breath and movement.  After many years of teaching at gyms, private locations, and local studios, Maria opened Puma Yoga in Lakewood, Ohio in 2008.  

Certified in Forrest Yoga, Restorative, Prenatal/Postnatal, Kids yoga, and several other healing arts, Maria is well versed in teaching various styles and levels. Regardless of the level, her classes are motivational and uplifting, emphasizing openness and guiding her student's to find the answers to life’s questions through their movement.

Continuing her thirst for knowledge, Maria studies and practices the ancient Hawaiian Healing Art of Lomi-Lomi Massage, is a Thai Yoga Practitioner, Master Reiki practitioner, Reflexologist, and remains a Doula in training. Maria enjoys sharing her breadth of knowledge with the community by continuing to advance her studies in the holistic health and yoga fields.

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