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Shamanic Reiki

Reiki literally means transcendent life energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, holistic, energy healing art for deep relaxation, balance, peace, and well-being. The Reiki practitioner gently and safely guides the clients ‘chi’ or flow of life energy to restore, energy balance and regenerate your mind, body and spirit. This healing modality is practiced fully clothed. Reiki is taken in and used by the client’s body in the way that will best serve the client’s highest healing good.


Shamanic Reiki is both a spiritual and healing process. Shamanic Reiki differs from traditional Reiki in that the practitioner may use plants, dried herbs, huacas (stones), crystals, drums, and rattles in the session. The practitioner also connects deeply with her or his animal or spirit guide(s) while working with the client to help facilitate and bring healing energy through practitioner to client.


Everything is connected—our physical body, our emotional body, our spirit body, our relationships to self, others, Spirit (God or Divine Source), the way we think about things, the way we treat ourselves, where we spend our time—and an imbalance in any area has a spiritual component and can be seen in the “spirit body.” Using Reiki in conjunction with looking at the receiver’s spirit can prove instrumental in finding the cause of dis-ease, enabling elimination and prevention.


Shamanic healing and ritual can help us deepen our connections to life, empowering us to build relationships with the world we live in, both the seen and the unseen. Shamanic practices create deep connections with ourselves and the world around us, creating bridges and helping us through our modern lives and the things that keep us from our brilliance: anxiety, isolation and a variety of dis-ease that stem from alienating ourselves from the world around us.


It is important for each of us to keep lines of energy and communication with the natural world: plants, trees, and the wisdom of animals, as well as keeping the lines of communication open to our ancestors in the spiritual realms. Both the natural world and spirit world can bring us back to harmony and balance.



• Pain relief
• Deep relaxation

• Can lessen Insomnia
• Promotes healing
• Improves focus

• Aids in spiritual growth and awakening
• Restores wholeness
• Adds peace and calm to quality of life

60 minute: $85

90 minutes: $110

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