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Intuitive Coaching

Born with a creative mind and vision, Maria was encouraged at a young age to express and find freedom through movement, singing, writing, and art.   While in college, her entrepreneurial spirit took the lead when she fell in love with beads, natural stones, baubles and trinkets.  Maria began designing, creating, and making her own jewelry.  Her passion for jewelry making and expression turned in to a side hustle, where she worked her day job and created at night, selling her pieces while on the road traveling or in coffee shops.  She dabbles in jewelry making to this day.


Fast forward to 2008.  Wanting to make a lifestyle and career shift, after several years of a deep and consistent yoga practice, Maria became certified to teach yoga and opened Puma Yoga in in Lakewood, Ohio.   'Puma' has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years.  A combined portfolio including 11 years as a yoga studio owner, coupled with over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, sales representative as a broker in the Natural/Organic Products industry,  she brings a wealth of perspective, knowledge, connection and heart to her clients.   


Consulting services offered

  • intuitive/wellness guidance

  • yoga mentorships

  • yoga/business consulting

Here's where we connect briefly and get to know one another, find out your goals and determine if we're a fit. 

Schedule your FREE 20 Minute Session Today!

  Email Maria

Single Session, 60 minutes, $125

Great for when you have specific questions on a certain topic or if you need a quick overall check-in.      Schedule a Session       Email Maria

4-Pack, 60 minute sessions, $425

We'll discuss your goals and concerns, create action steps together, and then reconnect to discuss progress.    Schedule a Session     Email Maria

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