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Lomi-Lomi is a traditional form of energy and body work.  It is a traditional Hawaiian approach, that being that mind body and spirit unite and conspire to bring healing to the client.  Lomi Lomi combines Pule (prayer), Ha (breath) and Mana (energy) that works with continuous, rhythmic, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and, enabling the recipient to relax, give in, and simply be.

This bodywork may release energetic blockages in the body, thus allowing blocked energy new direction.

Emphasizing a mind-body connection, Lomi-Lomi is a holistic approach to healing the body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, bringing the self into greater harmony not only internally, but with the world around you.


• Releases congestion in the body and mind
• Relieves stress and tension
• Assists in blood and lymph flow
• Improves circulation and immune response
• Assists in releasing old patterns of thought and behavior


60 minute: $100

75 minute: $125

90 minute: $150


Lomi ‘Ili ‘Ili – Hot Stone

A nurturing experience using specially gathered, heated stones to induce relaxation and melt away tension.  The combination of the long, rhythmic strokes of Lomi Lomi, and the warm, grounding support of hot stones create a healing and rejuvenating session like no other.


60 minute:  $150

75 minute:  $175

90 minute:  $200             

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